boutique hotel in Apeldoorn

Green Key

Comfort and charm with a focus on the environment and the future

Just to get away from it all or catch your breath after a long day’s work. To enjoy the hospitality, the good company, the homeliness, the peace, the slow pace and the stunning surrounding area. At ZenZez Hotel & Lounge, we do whatever we can to make sure that your stay with us is perfect, while we – at the same time – try to minimise the burden we place on nature and the environment. By implementing small measures, we achieve great effects without compromising your comfort.

We run our small boutique hotel from the heart. And our hearts tell us that we should be frugal with everything that this earth has to offer us.

As recognition for this sustainable policy, we were awarded Green Key certification in 2021. Our efforts won us the highest possible Gold classification. Our hotel will be reassessed every other year.

Green Key is a well-known international hallmark awarded to sustainable enterprises that are serious about protecting the environment. This hallmark demonstrates the fact that we do our very best to keep the footprint left by our hotel on nature and the environment as small as possible. It means that we do more than what’s required by the standard rules and regulations.


As an important part of our Green Key certification, you as our guest will not experience any inconvenience as a result of our sustainable actions. And during your stay, you won’t be expected to constantly consider nature and the environment. On the contrary, you’re likely to have an even better stay knowing that your accommodation is environmentally friendly. At ZenZez Hotel & Lounge, we want to strike a balance between sustainable enterprise and comfort.

Our laundry is an example. It gets beautifully cleaned by Van Delden Laundry Services, which uses the latest technology and the most sustainable methods, i.e. washed without chemical agents and at a sustainable temperature.

In addition, we use bio cleaning products from brands like Ecodish and gas & electricity from Greenchoice. Instead of a buffet, we serve an a la carte breakfast with products from Boerenhart, while our employees also participate in our sustainable way of doing business.

Please click on this link for more information on other efforts we make in the field of sustainable enterprise.